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渡过艰难时期cope with the recession 减少跨代贫穷break the cycle of inter-generational poverty/reduce inter-generational poverty 减轻中产负担ease the burden on the middle class 减轻他们的负担lessening their burden 减轻
  渡过艰难时期cope with the recession
  减少跨代贫穷break the cycle of inter-generational poverty/reduce inter-generational poverty
  减轻中产负担ease the burden on the middle class
  减轻他们的负担lessening their burden
  减轻市民负担/纾解民困ease the burden for people
  减轻我们的负担alleviate the burden on us
  无家可归的流浪汉the homeless straggler
  极度贫困的人the financially destitute
  Over the past two decades, China has made tremendous strides on economic front, which have brought enormous improvements to the material life of its people.
  The gap between rich and poor has widened because of the bad economy in the past few years.
  对低收入家庭来说是遥不可及的梦想a remote dream for low-income families
  综合家庭服务中心Integrated Family Services Centre
  综援Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)
  价格尚未见底prices may not have hit bottom
  靠捡垃圾维生/靠拾荒维生earning a living by picking up garbage
  帮助他们脱贫help people work their way out of poverty
  缩窄贫富悬殊reduce the gap between rich and poor/narrow the wealth gap
  声称最艰难时刻经已过去,否极泰来的日子不远claim the worst is over and promise better times are just around the corner
  赚钱过活、维持生计earn a living
  额外拨款二十七亿元扶贫committed an extra $2.7 billion in the next two years to relieve the plight of the poor
  关怀弱势社群take good care of the disadvantaged
  (咨询文件)咨询期至今年年底opened for public consultation until the end of the year
  一致同意采纳was adopted with unanimous consent
  人口政策population policy
  已承诺来年会咨询公众has promised public consultation next year
  不合时宜is no longer suitable
  不能故步自封could not stand still
  不断增强竞争力continually enhance our competitiveness
  公共政策public policy
  公共政策研究public policy research
  公众对方案的反对程度the level of public opposition to its proposals
  公众咨询public consultation
  化解矛盾resolve conflicts
  主流意见mainstream opinion
  以人为本的政策"people-orientated" policies
  He just wanted to raise the issue in order to gauge public reaction.
  He hoped the review would be finished by the end of the year.
  They do not necessarily reflect the views of the community as a whole.
  加强和公众沟通strengthen communication with the public
  加强政策研究能力reinforce the policy research capability
  加强部门间的合作strengthen departmental co-operation
  When, last November, housing chief Michael Suen Ming-yeung unveiled his nine-point plan to stop the slump in property prices, he suggested this would be the government's final shift in housing policy.
  去年十一月公布的孙九招the nine-point package of measures Mr Suen introduced last November
  It did not, however, mention any timetable for future reform.
  The policy is, however, still rigidly enforced in other parts of the country.
  另一个议而不决的事项another issue that has been much talked about but not acted upon
  只有空话contained only empty rhetoric
  只是假咨询is not true consultation
  只得打退堂鼓was forced to retreat
  市民自然会疑惑那批政治任命的高官究竟有甚么新思维the community can justly wonder exactly what new thinking his team of political appointees has engendered in the government
  平衡各方利益balance the interests of different sectors
  It is essential to gain a community consensus to find comprehensive solutions.
  打破禁忌broke a taboo
  Social problems are being stored up for the future.
  正考虑进一步延长公众咨询期is considering further extending the public consultation period
  交换意见和信息exchange views and information
  企硬的态度intransigent attitude
  向特首请愿要求他做某事petitioned the Chief Executive to do something
  The change was proposed in response to community wishes.
  在「大市场、小政府」的管治原则下Following the principle of "big market, small government"
  在现阶段不会考虑was not being considered at this stage
  有心无力的人well-meaning people
  吸引跨国公司在香港设立地区总部或办事处attract multinational corporations to set up regional headquarters or offices
  I urge various quarters of the community to be calm and rational and set aside differences, disputes and pre-conceived notions, and and strive for a consensus on the constitutional development in Hong Kong.
  We cannot always discuss without decisions, make decisions without execution.
  We do not want to see the community divided.
  我们必须听取各界人士意见we must consider views from all sectors of our community
  We have taken heed of public criticisms of our governance and responded quickly to the aspirations of people.
  We are treading on thin ice.
  The first step after our return to Hong Kong is to promote discussions in society on these problems.
  We must stay alert to the challenges that lie ahead.
  We value citizens' views and suggestions very highly.
  We will also engage more representatives of various groups to join advisory bodies.
  We will staunchly preserve the core values of our society.
  We will continue with our efforts to uphlod the vision of "people-based" governance.
  技术上的困难technical difficulties
  把公众咨询期由三个月延长至六个月extend public consultation on the project from three months to six months
  批评施政报告缺乏实质措施改善香港经济问题criticised the policy address for its lack of specific policies to cure Hong Kong's economic problems
  改革的主要阻力the chief opponents of reform
  改革蓝图reform blueprint
  改变现行的政策veer from its current policies
  更紧贴民意follow public opinion even more closely
  求同存异seek common ground while accommodating disagreements
  决定下重药/落重药has decided on drastic action
  没有天时、地利、人和without the conjunction of timing, location and human relationships
  It deals only with a part of the problem.
  It will be a triple-lose situation.
  依照特首明定的原则去进行改革take forward the reform in accordance with the principle laid down by the Chief Executive
  来得不是时候/不合时宜comes at an inopportune time
  制定金融政策forming financial-sector policy
  制定指引guidelines were formulated
  制定货币和金融政策setting monetary and financial policy
  制订政策的过程the policy-making process
  协调社会各阶层、各界别的利益balance the interests of different social strata and sectors
  取消工程的话要赔偿数亿美元的罚款cancellation would incur hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties
  委托某人做某事commission somebody to do something
  所谓的主流方案the so-called mainstream proposal
  拒绝落实施行时间declined to commit to a timetable
  东京都知事石原慎太郎Shintaro Ishihara, governor of Tokyo
  There's also no clear consensus in the community.
  纠正某物与某物的不平衡redress the imbalance between something and something
  非常性手段exceptional methods
  保障资金自由流通safeguard the free flow of information and capital
  促进社会和谐与稳定promote social harmony and stability
  促请政府简化程序called for the cutting of government red tape
  前东京都知事青岛幸男former Governor Yukio Aoshima of Tokyo
  建立香港为亚洲的国际都会building Hong Kong as Asia's World City
  Many Hong Kong people are disappointed with measures announced by Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa in Wednesday's policy address.
  思汇政策研究所行政总监陆恭蕙Christine Loh Kung-wai, CEO of Civic Exchange
  急市民所急addressing people's pressing needs
  恢复市民对前景的信心restore people's confidence in their future
  恢复殖民地传统reviving the colonial tradition
  The government is in the midst of consultations for the electoral arrangements for 2007.
  政府很重视的事情a matter that the Government places a great deal of importance on
  是一件好事was a good thing
  是广大市民的共同心愿the common goal of our community
  星期美点式的政策/随波逐流的政策flavour-of-the month policies
  为和发达国家看齐To put the SAR on par with the developed world
  为表达政府对是次事件的关注in an effort to underline the Government's concern
  看来有诚意致力要改弦易辙的人who seem genuinely committed to doing things differently
  背靠内地,面向世界backed by the Mainland and engaged globally
  致力改革的政府reform-minded administration
  致力争取私人机构参与赞助maximise sponsorship opportunities from the private sector
  要求某人做某事call on somebody to do something
  重复某人的请求echo pleas made by somebody
  Hongkongers are inclined to maintain the status quo.
  香港青年政策研究所the Hong Kong Avant-Garde Policy Research Institute
  香港政策研究所Hong Kong Policy Research Institute
  Hong Kong needed to build on its existing strengths.
  Staunch support from the Mainland and our global outlook have been crucial to our economic success.
  原则上支持该计划supported the plan in principle
  家和万事兴A family that lives in harmony will prosper
  真正面对的只有两大难题facing really just two major woes
  缺乏危机感lacked a sense of crisis
  能冲淡一些影响will mitigate some of the implications
  高压政策/高压手段high-handed policy

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