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香港新闻工作者从业英语词典(1) 不再提供非紧急医疗服务halting provision of non-emergency medical care 不合资格使用公立医院的人those not entitled to subsidised public medical services 中大医学院院长

  不再提供非紧急医疗服务halting provision of non-emergency medical care
  不合资格使用公立医院的人those not entitled to subsidised public medical services
  中大医学院院长钟尚志Sydney Chung Sheung-chee, the dean of medicine at Chinese University
  中医Chinese medicine doctor/herb doctor
  中医诊所Chinese medicine clinics
  中医药发展筹备委员会Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine (PCCM)
  公立医院服务加价increases in fees for public hospital services
  Public hospitals cannot recruit all medical students.
  廿四小时周密照顾round-the-clock intensive care
  His order to get the number of medical workers infected with Sars down to zero has taken much longer to achieve than he must have hoped.
  加剧人手不足问题further strain manpower shortages
  只会令公私营进一步失衡would only worsen the imbalance between the public and private sectors
  台北市立和平医院Taipei Municipal Hoping Hospital
  台湾疾病控制中心Taiwan's Center for Disease Control
  因为公立医院人手短缺due to the manpower shortage in public hospitals
  自愿走进病房照料非典型肺炎病人,最后染病致死died of atypical pneumonia after volunteering to work in a Sars ward
  自愿到沙士病房工作/自愿照料沙士病人volunteered to work in the Sars wards
  To date, a total of over 4,000 HA staff have attended this training programme.
  行医practised medicine
  西医Western-style doctor
  I have been spending too much time on the administration work in Hong Kong.
  私家诊所a private medical clinic
  私家医生private doctors
  私家医院联会发言人刘国霖Alan Lau Kwok-lam, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association
  协康会Heep Hong Society for Handicapped Children
  受到同业的巨大阻力meet "strong resistance" from the profession
  初级医生junior doctors
  前线员工frontline officers/frontline staff/frontline employees
  前线医生联盟Frontline Doctors' Union
  前线医护人员frontline medical workers
  哈佛报告Harvard Report
  是由来已久的问题has been a long-standing problem
  红十字会行政总监连智杰Blood Transfusion Service chief executive Dr Lin Che-kit
  Lam Siu-kam, dean of the faculty of medicine at the University of Hong Kong, said Professor Chung's departure would be a loss to Hong Kong.
  香港公共医疗医生协会Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association
  香港肥胖医学会Hong Kong Association for the Study of Obesity
  香港红十字会Red Cross, HK
  香港红十字会输血服务中心Red Cross, HK, Blood Transfusion Service Centre
  香港基层医护基金Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation
  香港痉挛协会Spastics Association of HK
  香港肾脏基金会Kidney Foundation Ltd, HK
  香港伤健协会PHAB Association, HK
  香港医务委员会The Medical Council of Hong Kong
  香港医学专科学院Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
  香港医学组织联会The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong
  香港医学会Hong Kong Medical Association
  香港医学会副会长劳永乐Dr Lo Wing-lok, vice-president of the Hong Kong Medical Association
  值班on duty
  家庭医生family doctor
  病人互助组织联盟主席陈萃菁Chairman of the Alliance for Patients' Mutual Health Organisation Chan Sui-ching
  病人团体/病人组织patient groups
  高级医生senior doctors
  做私人执业医生go into private practice
  执业时持续深造further their education during theirpractice
  专科医生specialist doctor
  将于三年内强制执行would be made mandatory in three years
  得到足够的临床经验gained enough clinical experience
  推行医疗改革launch health-care reform
  复康会Society for Rehabilitation, HK
  提供具质素的服务provide quality services
  减少医管局的赤字plug the Hospital Authority's budget deficit
  减轻医生工作量alleviating doctors' workload
  无国界医生Medecins Sans Frontieres(Doctors Without Borders)
  发表关于医疗融资的咨询文件issue a consultation paper on health-care financing
  Many rural people having no choice but to die at home because they cannot afford medical treatment.
  干细胞研究stem cell research
  会全力支持医护人员would give its full support to medical staff
  义诊gratuitous treatment
  资助医学研究fund medical research
  实习医生medical interns/trainee doctors
  监护委员会Guardianship Board
  增加公立医院的入院按金,由33,000元增至45,000元raising deposits for hospital admissions from $33,000 to about $45,000 in public hospitals
  广泛咨询医生consulted doctors extensively
  影响士气,降低服务质素undermine morale and the quality of service provided to patients
  调查每十年进行一次which will be repeated at 10-year intervals
  独立的法定组织an independent statutory body
  The problem of health-care financing has grown more acute as the problem of an ageing population has worsened.
  拟把卫生署门诊服务外判propose contracting out its general outpatient clinics to the private sector
  检讨收费以确保津贴用得其所reviewed the charges to see whether subsidies were being used correctly
  缩减医生的工时shorten doctors' working hours
  缩短工作时间shorten working hours
  临床研究clinical studies
  Doctors have complained of heavy workloads.
  The doctors say they work up to 100 hours a week and are sometimes denied public holidays.
  医生执业条例the Medical Registration Ordinance
  医科生medical student
  医务委员会主席麦列菲菲Medical Council chairwoman Professor Felice Lieh-Mak
  医管局行政总裁何兆炜Chief executive of the Hospital Authority, William Ho Shiu-wei
  医学生medical students
  Medicine is a science; there are always new things coming up and doctors have to update themselves.
  医学研究medical research
  医学研讨会a medical conference
  医疗改革reforms to the public health-care system
  医疗制度health care system
  医疗政策评议会发言人郭家麒Kwok Ka-ki, convenor of the Action Group on Medical Policy
  医疗融资health-care finance

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