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苏必利尔湖Lake Superior 苏伊士运河Canal Suez 苏拉威西Sulawesi/Celebes 苏门答腊Sumatra 咸海Aral Sea ?仔岛Taipa Island (有线)有多达五十二万用户have a big subscription base of over 520,000 households (法
  苏必利尔湖Lake Superior
  苏伊士运河Canal Suez
  咸海Aral Sea
  ?仔岛Taipa Island
  (有线)有多达五十二万用户have a big subscription base of over 520,000 households
  (法官)不准传媒刊登九一年钱志明桃色案中女受害人的名字admonished the press not to name the women concerned during Chin's trial in 1991
  《联合报》的娱乐记者an entertainment writer for United Daily News
  《苹果日报》的娱乐版Apple Daily's entertainment section
  一份亲中报章a pro-Beijing Chinese daily
  八卦周刊muckraking weekly
  八卦杂志gossip magazines
  下调每月二百九十八元的月费reduce its monthly tariff of $298 per month
  已经成为城中热门话题have become the talk of the town
  不公开自己名字地说speaking on condition of anonymity
  不再报导她的负面新闻stop the negative coverage on her
  不要向传媒泄露消息not to leak details to journalists
  不想用真名prefers not to use his real name
  不请自来attended without invitation
  不愿透露姓名did not want to be named???/wanted his name withheld
  不愿置评/拒绝评论declined comment
  不让传媒报道是次军事行动的细节declared a news blackout on details of military operations
  Chinese-language newspaper Tin Tin Daily News closed yesterday after four decades of publishing, blaming fierce competition and a flagging economy.
  五个收费电视牌照five licences to operate pay-television channels
  太平洋数码卫视Pacific Digital Media
  There are no new themes under the sun.
  引发公众讨论trigger public discussion
  王菲怀孕独家照片exclusive picture of pregnant pop star Faye Wong
  主持亚视本港台傍晚新闻报导anchor the main evening news on ATV Home
  以手掩眼covered her eyes with her hands
  They cover iss ues that receive little attention by mainstream media.
  He evaded about 20 reporters waiting for him outside the detention centre.
  令舆论进一步升温stoked fierce controversy
  刊登道歉启事published an apology
  加强与传媒沟通strengthen our communication with the media
  台湾《壹周刊》总编辑裴伟chief editor Pei Wei
  The Article 45 Concern Group issued a statement, but did not hold a news conference.
  外国记者会Foreign Correspondents' Club
  向记者挥手waved to reporters
  向记者挥手,但拒绝回答问题waving to reporters but refusing to take questions
  向几家报馆发电邮e-mailed several newspapers
  名嘴star talk-show hosts
  named time magazine's "Man of the Year" for something
  地产发展商封小平Property developer Feng Xiao-ping
  在一个港台节目中表示said on an RTHK radio programme
  在火车站派发一份新的免费报纸distribute a new free newspaper at railway stations
  在赤?角机场举行记者招待会held a press conference at Chek Lap Kok airport
  在商台节目中表示said on a Commercial Radio programme that
  在烽烟节目中说told a radio phone-in programme that
  在媒体大骂两人trashed the couple in the press
  在较早前的一个港台节目中透露speaking earlier on an RTHK radio programme
  在电视直播中现身说said in a live television appearance
  在适当时候at an appropriate time
  收视率调查公司rating agency (comm)
  收费电视公司pay-TV operators
  有线电视Wharf Cable Ltd.
  A furor over the fever has been roiling local newspapers since the first locally contracted case was reported last month.
  西方记者western journalists
  I have nothing to hide.
  The programming on our channels in China is co-produced with a Chinese company.
  We are very conscious of the taste of the Chinese people.
  更有新闻价值的节目a more newsworthy programme
  没有新闻价值not newsworthy
  Without advertising revenue, it was impossible to survive.
  亚洲电视有限公司Asia Television Ltd.
  取消原定的记者招待会cancelled a scheduled press conference
  呼冤speaking out against injustice
  和传媒保持良好关系maintain a good relationship with the media
  延续商台牌照十二年renewing Commercial Radio's licence for a further 12 years
  拒绝接受任何媒体访问refusing all media interviews
  东方报业集团Oriental Press Group
  Security guards pushed back photographers and reporters.
  前线记者front-line reporters
  城中热话the talk of the town
  城市大学政治评论员蔡子强City University political commentator Ivan Choy Chi-keung
  City Telecom plans to enter the pay-television market next month.
  城市论坛City Forum
  室内设计杂志interior design magazines
  封面front cover
  昨天发表联合声明issued a joint statement yesterday
  美国线上时代华纳AOL Time Warner
  胡仙Sally Aw Sian
  英皇集团主席杨受成Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung Sau-shing
  风波里的茶杯Teacup in a Storm
  香港家书Hong Kong Letter
  香港记者协会主席麦燕庭The chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists' Association, Mak Yin-ting
  香港报贩协会The Hong Kong Newspaper Hawker Association
  Newspapers here in Hong Kong devote pages to the SARS virus every day.
  香港新闻行政人员协会The Hong Kong News Executives' Association
  香港电台Radio Television Hong Kong
  Next season's live horse racing will not be covered on RTHK.
  RTHK should use its resources to make high-quality programmes and avoid competing with commercial organisations.
  香港网络电视Hong Kong Network Television
  香港销量第三高报纸Hong Kong's third biggest-selling newspaper
  香港摄影记者协会Hong Kong Press Photographers Association
  娱乐版entertainment section
  时事评论员political affairs commentator/current affairs commentator
  press conference
  记者会media session
  记实娱乐性节目infotainment programme
  讨论时事debate of topical issues
  商台董事俞琤 Commercial Radio chief executive Winnie Yu
  商业电台Commercial Radio
  商业杂志a business magazine
  得到媒体报导gained the press coverage
  接受《时代杂志》访问时证实confirmed in an interview with Time
  教育大众educating the masses
  敏感话题sensitive topics
  淫亵物品类别评定委员会Obscene Articles Classification Board
  This is not a trivial matter.
  That is of the greatest concern to anyone in Hong Kong.
  通俗报章/量报popular press
  透过卫星转播说said over satellite relay
  阴谋论conspiracy theories
  报纸总编辑newspaper's chief editor
  报贩newspaper vendors
  报章编辑newspaper editor
  报业评议会press council
  普立兹奖Pulitzer Prize
  港台员工RTHK staff
  无了期地不再在苹果日报属下报刊卖广告began an indefinite advertising ban on all Apple Group publications
  街头访问street interviews

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