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男厕the Gents 走入一条旺角后巷小解popped into a Mongkok back lane to relieve themselves 巡查surveillance tests 其中部分因素可能会缩短我们的预期寿命/平均寿命。 Some of these things may reduce our life exp
  男厕the Gents
  走入一条旺角后巷小解popped into a Mongkok back lane to relieve themselves
  巡查surveillance tests
  Some of these things may reduce our life expectancy.
  受污染内脏contaminated internal organs
  呼吁政府进行多些突击检查urged the Government to launch more raids
  Rat poison has been laid at all of them.
  注重个人卫生pay attention to personal hygiene
  保健政策health-care policy
  保障公众健康protect public health
  是各种微生物滋生的温床are breeding grounds for all sorts of microbes
  洗手盆wash basins
  洗手间、厕所the restroom/the washroom
  红虫red worms/bloodworms
  食物样本food samples
  食物卫生food hygiene
  食品制造商food manufacturers
  食错食物had taken some wrong food
  香港职业及环境卫生学会Hong Kong Institute of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
  倒污水disposing of dirty water
  展开灭蚊行动launching an anti-mosquito campaign
  消毒台北的街道disinfect Taipei's streets
  蚊虫滋生的地方mosquito-breeding places
  带走食物样本化验food samples were taken for testing
  强调病菌对人体无害stressed the virus would not affect humans
  净化海港计划The Harbour Area Treatment Scheme
  The bacteria will get into the food and then multiply.
  处理食物不当improper food handling procedures
  被扣十五分received a 15-demerit-point punishment
  被查封was sealed off
  It is a blot on the landscape and a potential health hazard.
  Not only does this kind of treatment of medical waste affect the health environment, it is also disrespectful to the dead.
  This time the licensee was fined a total of $4,000 for the two convictions. A further 20 demerit points were also registered, leading to the 14-day suspension.
  恶臭令人作呕a nauseating smell
  提早死亡premature deaths
  提倡健康的生活方式promote a healthy lifestyle
  无牌小贩unlicensed hawkers/illegal hawkers
  无牌经营operating without a licence
  街头小食档street stands
  灭蚊、灭绝蚊患exterminating mosquitoes
  灭蚊运动/灭蚊行动anti-mosquito campaign
  铅中毒lead poisoning
  屡犯不改的公屋住户的单位将被收回cancelling tenancies in public estates of repeat offenders
  彻底洗手wash hands thoroughly
  维持良好的个人卫生习惯,例如常洗手maintain good personal hygiene including frequent hand-washing
  确定污染来源identified the source of the contamination
  卫生大使计划Ambassador of Hygiene Scheme
  卫生防护中心Centre for Health Protection
  卫生官员health officials
  卫生情况/卫生条件sanitary conditions
  卫生黑点hygiene black spots
  卫生督察health inspectors
  调查一宗怀疑食物中毒个案investigate a possible food-poisoning case
  猪内脏pig offal
  The fine for spitting and littering will more than double from $600 to $1,500.
  头虱head lice
  应该加强检控should increase prosecutions
  粪便样本a stool sample
  联合国世界卫生组织The World Health Organization (WHO)
  医学废物/医学废料medical waste
  医疗卫生政策health care policies
  纤体行业the weight-loss industry
  让细菌有足够时间繁殖allow ample time for the bacteria to multiply
  卫生专家health experts
  (屋外的)垃圾桶dustbin/garbage can(AmE)/trashcan(AmE)
  (街上的)垃圾桶litter bin
  40 per cent of it can be recycled, yet the present recovery rate is just 14 per cent.
  公开垃圾虫的姓名publishing the names of litterbugs
  加强检控垃圾虫/严格执行六百元乱拋垃圾定额罚款must be more aggressive in imposing the $600 littering fines
  巨型垃圾箱rubbish skip
  在两年内(达到)循环再用20%家居废物(的目标)/在两年内将家居废物回收比率提升至20%recovering 20 per cent of domestic waste within two years
  在某地掉垃圾litter somewhere
  有害废物hazardous waste
  污水contaminated water
  Thousands of people have been hit with the $600 fine since it was introduced in April.
  把废物分类sort their waste
  固体废物solid waste
  垃圾rubbish/refuse/garbage(AmE)/trash(AmE) (u)
  垃圾收集站refuse collection points
  垃圾袋dustbin liner/dustbin bag
  垃圾虫litter lout/litterbug(AmE)
  Litterbugs dropped 159 tonnes of rubbish during last year's Mid-Autumn Festival.
  果皮箱fruit-rind boxes
  家居废物household rubbish
  家居废物源头分类计划the Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste
  堆填区a landfill site
  排污计划Sewage Disposal Scheme
  减低废物处理成本reduce the costs of handling waste
  焚化炉incineration plants
  然后被弃置在将军澳堆填区were then discarded in the landfill at Tseung Kwan O
  Local landfills are expected to be full within 10 years.
  废物分类计划waste separation schemes
  废物处理the disposal of rubbish
  废纸箱waste-paper basket/waste-paper bin
  缩减堆填区寿命shorten the lifespan of the landfills
  H5N1感冒菌the influenza H5N1 virus
  H5N1禽流感the H5N1 strain of avian flu
  口蹄病foot-and-mouth disease
  已知感染H9N2人数the number of known H9N2 cases
  不建议恢复输入内地活鸡advised against resuming live chicken imports from the mainland
  中央屠宰鸡只centralised slaughtering of chickens
  On the mainland - among the latest of nine countries to report bird flu outbreaks - more than 100,000 chicken and ducks have been culled as authorities race to contain the spread of the disease.
  引入中央屠宰制度introducing a system of central slaughtering
  加强入口管制imposed greater import controls
  生鸡live chickens
  Mrs Yam also banned all poultry exports from the mainland.
  冰鲜鸭鹅chilled ducks and geese
  在四十万只鸡身上试用该疫苗try the vaccine on 400,000 chickens
  有禽流感症状with bird-flu symptoms
  Sales of chicken at markets slumped 70 per cent yesterday as bird flu worries gripped the SAR, despite official assurances that this was no re-run of the 1997 outbreak.
  或会注射禽流感疫苗may be vaccinated against bird flu
  注射了疫苗的鸡只inoculated chickens
  The question of what triggered the recent outbreak remained unanswered although fingers have pointed to Chinese farms, dirty transport cages as well as dubious hygiene standards at some markets.
  A total of 1.2 million poultry will be slaughtered to prevent the further spread of the H5N1 bird flu virus.
  致力敦促业界改善鸡场卫生情况continue to press for improvements to hygiene in farms
  要求加强监管鸡场called for more stringent official surveillance of chicken farms
  Hong Kong consumes around 100,000 fresh chickens a day and imports around 70 per cent of its poultry from the mainland.
  香港禽畜业协会Hong Kong Livestock Association
  香港养猪同业公会Hong Kong Pig Farm Association
  Should HK ban live poultry imports?
  追寻禽流感病毒源头track the source of the flu
  停止进口家禽stop the importation of poultry
  屠杀一百四十万只鸡wiping out 1.4 million chickens
  kill all the birds at the two sites as a precaution
  处理禽流感事件handling the bird flu outbreaks
  雪鸡chilled chickens
  Around 100,000 live chickens are consumed each day.
  发现没有鸡只带有H5病毒抗体found no chickens carrying H5 virus antibodies???
  新界鸭鹅同业互助会the Duck and Geese Traders' Mutual Aid Society
  新禽流感病毒a new strain of bird flu
  禁制生猪入口banned imports of live pigs
  禁售活家禽banning the sale of live poultry
  禽流感bird flu/avian flu
  Bird flu can be transmitted from one human to another.
  The bird-flu virus manages to become easily transmittable between humans.
  经家禽感染病毒have been infected through contact with poultry

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