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The legislative intent of the Basic Law was clear and there was no need for an interpretation. 政务司司长曾荫权将任署理特首。 Chief Secretary Donald Tsang Yam-kuen will step in as acting chief executive. 可能北京政府对董
  The legislative intent of the Basic Law was clear and there was no need for an interpretation.
  Chief Secretary Donald Tsang Yam-kuen will step in as acting chief executive.
  Beijing's patience with Mr Tung had probably run-out.
  I have decided not to take part in the by-election of the chief executive in July.
  叫鸡议员prostitute-hiring councillors
  政治阴谋/政治陷害/政治陷阱a politically inspired frame-up/a political frame-up
  叫鸡党prostitute-hiring party
  半裸的何伟途a half-naked Mr Ho
  拘捕时使用武力had used force during the arrest
  民主党党员何伟途的性丑闻the sex scandal surrounding Democrat Alex Ho Wai-to
  为何伟途做身体检查conduct a medical checkup for Mr Ho
  尽量减少丑闻的杀伤力minimise the damage incurred by the scandal
  被迫招认was forced to sign confessions
  被公安判处劳教半年had been sentenced by the police to six months of re-education through labour
  未经法庭聆讯就可以判处娼妓和嫖客劳教sentence prostitutes and their patrons to labour re-education without a court trial
  发现一对男女在床上全身赤裸found a man and a woman completely naked in bed
  Only 20 per cent of my liver is functional.
  We're only ordinary friends.
  The Democratic Party has lost ground to its rivals in the wake of the sex scandal involving one of its Legco election candidates, Alex Ho Wai-to.
  Alex Ho Wai-tao has been held by mainland authorities since last week for allegedly visiting a prostitute.
  跳水王子田亮prince of diving, Tian Liang
  游泳运动管理中心The National Swimming Administrative Centre
  曾多次警告田亮had given Tian repeated warnings
  在公开信中表示said in an open letter
  在未经准许下/私自参与商业活动engaging in unauthorised commercial activities
  被逐出国家队has been kicked off the national team
  最近和英皇娱乐签约,作为他的海外经理人recently signed up Hong Kong's Emperor Entertainment Group as his overseas agent
  I have been proud to be a member of the national diving squad.
  He is also trying to move into show business.
  Tian will be unable to represent China in the Beijing Olympics.
  正式和非正式渠道informal and formal channels
  内地官员mainland officials
  红火蚁red fire ants
  盆栽potted plants
  加强(中国和香港间的)通报机制improved mechanisms for cross-border communication
  测试来自内地的花卉和植物test plants and flowers imported from the mainland
  已增加人手加快检疫运往香港的盆栽have increased their manpower to speed up clearance procedures for potted plants supplied to Hong Kong
  Mainland provincial quarantine authorities were put on alert two months ago about the ant infestation.
  Four of the anthills were sprayed with pesticide yesterday and the rest will be sprayed today in hopes of killing the queen in each colony, halting reproduction.
  Some ants have been collected for laboratory identification.
  富强胡同Fuqiang Lane
  八宝山公墓the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery
  花束bouquet/a bunch of flowers
  悼念活动memorial events
  中央领导人the central leaders
  临时灵台/祭坛a makeshift tribute corner/a makeshift memorial/a makeshift funeral altar
  周会weekly meeting
  一群中共老党员a group of veteran Communist Party members
  赵紫阳的健康状况the state of Zhao Ziyang's health
  不准公开悼念赵紫阳/不准公祭赵紫阳barred from publicly mourning Zhao Ziyang
  推动新的政治改革launching new political reforms
  向赵的遗照三鞠躬bowing to Zhao's photo three times
  赵紫阳探望示威学生的录像片段video footage of Zhao visiting student demonstrators
  对赵紫阳离世采取低调态度took a low-key approach to Mr Zhao's passing
  为赵紫阳默哀一分钟observe a one-minute silence for Mr Zhao
  在立法会作短暂默哀observed a brief silence in the legislature
  简述他的健康状况briefly outlining the state of his health
  依良心办事act in accordance with our conscience
  悼念已故前总理赵紫阳mourn the death of former premier Zhao Ziyang
  没有向赵紫阳的家人致哀conveyed no message of condolence to Zhao's family
  提倡政治改革advocated political reform
  不准他参加丧礼was not allowed to attend the funeral
  在公安的严密保安下amid tight police security
  赵紫阳的大幅彩照前面已放置超过20个花圈more than 20 wreaths had been placed in front of a large colour photo of Zhao
  预留了三个维园足球场作烛光晚会之用had reserved three soccer pitches in Victoria Park for the vigil
  被软禁长达十五年时间has been living under house arrest for more than 15 years
  于下午二时半起立为赵紫阳致敬rose for their tribute to Zhao at 2.30pm
  要求中国政府还他一个公道urged Beijing to clear him of wrongdoing
  A Legislative Council meeting was abandoned for the first time yesterday amid chaotic scenes when pro-democracy legislators staged a tribute to deposed Communist Party leader Zhao Ziyang who died on Monday.
  A local pro-democracy group planned a candlelight vigil in Mr Zhao's honour on Friday.
  The pro-government camp staged a mass walkout in response.
  Zhao's body was draped in the party flag.
  Mr Zhao was alive, although receiving treatment in hospital.
  When lawmakers stood for the moment of silence, Fan abruptly adjourned Wednesday's session and criticised the lawmakers for what she called "disorderly behaviour."

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