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建立党对党共同沟通平台build a platform for regular party-to-party consultation 签署和平协议,避免军事冲突the signing of a peace accord to avoid military conflict 达成五点共识struck a five-point accord 2006年底前
  建立党对党共同沟通平台build a platform for regular party-to-party consultation
  签署和平协议,避免军事冲突the signing of a peace accord to avoid military conflict
  达成五点共识struck a five-point accord
  2006年底前促成两岸直航promote the realisation of direct flights across the Taiwan Strait by the end of 2006
  建立两岸军事互信机制the establishment of a mechanism to create military mutual trust
  托台湾第二大反对党领袖宋楚瑜向北京传话has asked the leader of the island's second-largest opposition party, James Soong Chu-yu, to relay a message to Beijing
  As long as the official contacts, dialogue and negotiations were held under the principle of democracy, peace and equality, he was ready for the talks any time.
  I am willing to once again declare that the door of cross-strait negotiation is wide open.
  From the moment you set foot on the mainland, our two parties have taken a historic step forward.
  Such talks would be held on an equal footing under the "1992 consensus".
  The statement rejected Taiwanese independence by recognising Beijing's most cherished "one-China principle".
  日本外相町川信孝Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura
  保钓行动委员会The Action Committee for Defending the Diaoyu Islands
  日本领事馆Japanese consulate
  反日情绪anti-Japanese sentiments
  中国的爱国主义教育patriotic education in China
  内地的大型集会the massive rallies on the mainland
  南京大屠杀Nanking massacre
  日本战争罪犯Japanese war criminals
  日本大使馆Japanese embassy
  大型反日游行mass anti-Japanese protests
  中日关系专家a Sino-Japanese relations expert
  争取成为联合国安理会常任理事国bid for a UN Security Souncil seat
  成为联合国安理会常任理事国become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Councl
  美化日本在亚洲的战时侵略行为present Japan's wartime aggression in Asia in a favourable light
  焚烧和践踏日本国旗set fire to Japanese flags and trampled on them
  掩饰日军二次大战暴行whitewash atrocities the Japanese army committed during the second world war
  宣示中国主权assert Chinese sovereignty over them
  粉饰战争暴行gloss over wartime atrocities/whitewash its wartime atrocities
  抵制日货boycott Japanese goods
  要求(中国)确保日本国民的安全sought assurances for the safety of Japanese nationals
  参加反日游行join an anti-Japan protest march
  加深中日之间的友谊deepen Japan's friendship with China
  secure a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council
  透过对话解决分歧resolving disputes by dialogue
  鼓动民族主义情绪provoking nationalist sentiment
  要求采取迅速行动demanded swift action
  谴责日本战争暴行denounce Japanese wartime atrocities
  呼应内地一连串的反日示威echoing the spate of anti-Japan protests on the mainland
  召见中国大使王毅,提出正式抗议及要求道歉summoned Chinese ambassador Wang Yi to lodge a formal protest and seek an apology
  向该座建筑物掟石、鸡蛋、西红柿和泼墨水hurled rocks, eggs, tomatoes and bags filled with paint at the building
  安抚上月大型反日示威中年轻人的不满情绪ease the disquiet among young people highlighted by last month's big anti-Japan demonstrations
  The protesters sang the Chinese national anthem as they marched.
  More than 10,000 people marched in anti-Japanese protests in Shenzhen and Guangzhou yesterday.
  He has since made an annual pilgrimage to the shrine.
  We have to express our feelings in a peaceful way.
  He criticised Beijing's handling of the anti-Japan protests.
  Protesters kept their cool.
  It will be completed in five years.
  There was an obvious police presence outside the Japanese businesses.
  The Chinese government has never done anything for which it has to apologise to the Japanese people.
  The main problem now is that the Japanese government has done a series of things that have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people over the Taiwan issue, some international issues including human rights and especially in its treatment of history.
  The protests were spontaneous.
  We can tolerate the revival of Japanese militarism no longer and people in Hong Kong must rise up in protest.
  教宗若望保禄二世Pope John Paul II
  教宗本笃十六世Pope Benedict XVI
  以色列总统卡察夫Israeli President Moshe Katzav
  叙利亚总统巴沙尔Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
  枢机主教拉青格Cardinal Ratzinger, dean of the College of Cardinals
  西斯汀小教堂the Sistine Chapel
  圣伯多禄广场St Peter's Square
  圣伯多禄大教堂St Peter's Basilica
  精神领袖spiritual leader
  安所弥撒funeral Mass
  立即封圣"Santo subito" (Make him a saint immediately)
  在四月十八日举行秘密会议选出新教宗open a conclave on April 18 to elect a new pope
  以对话化解纷争resolving disputes through dialogue
  获选为新任教宗was elected the new pope
  多次被掌声打断was interrupted with applause a dozen times
  "Viva il Papa!" or "Long live the Pope!"
  行政会议成员梁振英Executive Councillor Leung Chun-ying
  行政长官选举条例The Chief Executive Election Ordinance
  蜜月期the honeymoon period
  在适当时候at an appropriate time
  董建华国家领导人的身份Mr Tung's national-leader status
  退休官员retired officials
  任期长度the term's length

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