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养老保单、储蓄保险endowment policy 储蓄保险endowment insurance 总括保险、综合保险、统保blanket insurance/package insurance 医疗保险medical insurance (中国西部)比沿海繁荣城镇落后很多lags well b
  养老保单、储蓄保险endowment policy
  储蓄保险endowment insurance
  总括保险、综合保险、统保blanket insurance/package insurance
  医疗保险medical insurance
  (中国西部)比沿海繁荣城镇落后很多lags well behind thriving coastal areas
  (自私地)利用法律exploit laws
  Wang was named the 231st-richest person in the world by Forbes magazine in 2004, with a net worth of US$2.3 billion.
  Cepa II took effect.
  LG电子公司首席执行长金双秀Kim Ssang Su, CEO of LG Electronics Inc.
  九月加价后,未来一年收益会增加五亿五千万元will earn an extra $550 million in revenue from the higher fees by September next year
  九龙总商会Kowloon Chamber of Commerce
  土地成本和其它开支the land costs and other expenses
  大企业首脑、顶级商业领袖top business leaders
  大而无当之物white elephant
  大股东the major shareholder
  大幅削价40元knocked $40 of the price of something
  已展开西部大开发计划has kicked off its Go West project
  不再注资withdrew their financial support
  不能再经营下去were forced out of business
  不会把所有的香港办公室运作都搬往内地would not relocate all their SAR office operations to the mainland
  不会影响外资对香港的信心would not undermine foreign investors' confidence in Hong Kong
  不会吓跑外资would not discourage foreigners from investing in Hong Kong
  不断改善产品和服务continually improving their products and services
  中小企业市场推广基金额SME Export Marketing Fund
  中小型企业small and medium-sized firms
  中小型企业委员会Small and Medium Enterprises Committee
  中华厂商联合会Chinese Manufacturers' Association
  中华总商会Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
  中层主管midlevel executives
  互相割喉竞争are frantically cutting one another's throats
  Details of the deal will be spelled out today.
  内地参展商mainland exhibitors
  内地营商环境business environment of the Mainland
  公司的日常业务/日常运作day-to-day operations of the business
  公司透明度corporate transparency
  Firms are now facing fiercer competition than ever before.
  公司管治corporate governance
  公关公司public relations firms
  日本汽车业the Japanese car industry
  日常营运day-to-day operations
  世界和内地连接的窗户a window on the world for the Mainland
  They will face a public relations disaster.
  代表商界利益represent business interests
  出现技术故障being beset by technical hitches
  加强广告upped its advertising
  The increase would generate $600 million a year.
  可以十个月免息分期付款payable in 10 interest-free instalments
  可以经营个体户can set up individual, wholly-owned retail shops
  只会短期内受益would receive only a short-term benefit
  外出用膳meals bought away from home
  外判非核心业务outsourcing of non-core services
  外国公司早就垂涎中国这个市场a Chinese market over which foreign companies have long drool
  Foreign investment has flooded in.
  市场地位market position
  市场环境the market environment
  Half of the SAR's travel agencies are running at a loss.
  未能打入香港市场/未能打进香港市场failed to crack the Hong Kong market
  正在商谈新的还款日程is negotiating a new repayment schedule
  由市场决定/主导to let market forces prevail
  由某人独力承担所有费用is fully financed by somebody
  Oracle dipped its toes in the CRM market, but the results failed to impress.
  甲类消费物价指数Consumer Price Index (A)
  企业的社会责任corporate social responsibility
  合和实业主席胡应湘the chairman of Hopewell Holdings, Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung
  合和实业有限公司主席胡应湘Hopewell Holdings chairman Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung
  因涉嫌藉非法的股票交易来增加自己的控股权而入狱was put behind bars for alleged illegal share transactions aimed at strengthening his control of the group
  在大陆投资was investing on the mainland
  在中国西北部投资invest in the Northwest
  在中国西部寻求商机seek investment opportunities in China's western regions
  在丹麦展开试验计划begin a pilot program in Denmark
  在六月庆祝一百周年marked its centennial in June
  在全球市场竞争compete globally
  在印度推出三款型号launched three models in India
  在亚太区拓展业务expand their businesses in the Asia-Pacific region
  在香港设立办公室/办事处set up offices in Hong Kong
  在香港扩充业务expand their businesses in Hong Kong
  在数份报纸上登全版广告bought full-page ads in several papers
  成功方程式success formula/the winning formula
  成立个体户set up individually owned stores
  扣除开支后他每月赚$14,000. He makes about $14,000 a month after expenses.
  收回债款recover the debt
  有助该公司重组债务,该公司负债共九亿元make it easier to reschedule its $900 million in outstanding debt
  有商界背景has a business background
  自从配额制度在1月1日取消since the ending of the quota system on January 1
  自从贾伯斯九七年回巢,(苹果计算机)不断创新,业绩反弹has been innovating and rebounding since Job's return in 1997
  The industry picked up again.
  何鸿燊Stanley Ho Hung-sun
  占公园大多数股权hold the park's majority shares
  You need to co-ordinate with all the people across all the time zones.
  I hope that as you swim in the sea of the market economy you will not become too clever as to consider making profits only. Don't forget our identity - most or all of us are communists - we need to exercise self-discipline.
  兑成美元converted it into US dollars
  别有用心with ulterior motives???
  我们最保守估计our most conservative projection
  We will endeavour to promote fair competition.
  I am a firm believer in the "user-pays" principle.
  把上升成本转嫁给消费者pass the extra costs onto customers
  把生产线北移,以保持竞争力stay competitive by moving their production lines across the border to the Pearl River Delta
  把生产线移往大陆,节省成本cut costs by moving production to the mainland
  把后勤运作移至广州move its back-office operations to Guangzhou
  把家业交给三名儿女打理handed over the reins to his three children
  把部分业务迁往广州运作moved part of its operations to Guangzhou
  把握西部大开发所带来的商机cash in on the campaign to develop western areas of the mainland
  批核程序approval procedures
  改善流动性improve liquidity
  改善营商环境improving our business environment
  步步高升,去年十月更登上首席执行长的宝座climbed the ranks, and claimed the CEO post in October
  没有出席记者招待会did not appear at the company's press conference
  私人企业private corporations
  使公司免于负债keeping companies afloat
  取消过时或不必要的规管remove outdated or unnecessary regulations
  呼吁企业尽社会责任call on corporates to be socially responsible
  和中国政府关系良好had good connections with Beijing
  和黄主席李嘉诚Hutchison chairman Li Ka Shing
  和黄董事总经理霍建宁Managing director Canning Fok Kin-ning
  固定资产fixed asset
  官商勾结"collusion between officials and businessmen"
  店主shop owners
  拒绝了某人的出价shunned somebody's offer
  拒绝向时代杂志透露会否一定继承父亲衣钵declined to tell Time if he'll definitely take his father's throne
  拒绝揣测某人动机refused to speculate on somebody's motives
  于九六年被迫离开通用电器,由辛普森爵士接替其职位was ousted from GEC in 1996 and succeeded by Lord Simpson
  社会责任social responsibility
  迎接二十一世纪的挑战meet the challenges of the 21st century
  近年专注内地业务has focused his business on the mainland in recent years
  近年竞争激烈,致使市场占有率下降has bled market share in recent years due to intense competition
  信用卡公司card companies
  信贷评级credit rating
  保持竞争优势retain its competitive edge
  俄罗斯首富the richest man in Russia
  冒险不注册running the risk of not registering
  削弱公司收入undermined the company's income
  宣布和中国的TCL成立合资企业announced a joint venture with China's TCL
  客户服务中心customer service centre
  Many are near insolvency.
  指该公司只是在放烟幕dismissed the company's move as a smokescreen
  The Government projected recurrent revenue would be able to cover recurrent expenditure from the second year.
  The feasibility study underlines CLP's latest efforts to penetrate further into the mainland power market.
  是富亚的大股东held majority shares in Asia Ford
  流动资产current asset
  省悟及纠正错误sees the error of its way and reverses course

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